There are several ways you can prepare your home for sale to make it more appealing to prospective buyers and increase its value.

Garage Doors

If your garage door is not in good condition, consider replacing it. If that is not an option, repainting it is a good alternative for doors that need a little sprucing up. Garage doors often make up a large percentage of the front or side of a home, and they’re often one of the first features potential home buyers notice when pulling into the driveway.

Home Fixtures

If your home has any outdated or worn lighting, plumbing or hardware fixtures, consider replacing them. You can change the entire look of a bathroom or kitchen by simply replacing plumbing fixtures and improving the lighting.


If your home has hardwood floors, it may be worth paying to have them refinished. Potential buyers often put a lot of value on hardwood flooring.

It’s also a good idea to wash and shampoo all the carpets in the home. If any carpeting is worn or stained beyond remedy, replacement is the best option. It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money on costly new carpet, but an inexpensive, neutral-colored carpet looks much better to potential buyers than a ratty old one.


Upgrading old windows around the house usually isn’t cheap, but can greatly increase the perceived value of the home to potential buyers. A first-time home buyer will often view window replacements as a time consuming annoyance and will overestimate the cost of replacing it. It’s also important to inspect windows for peeling paint and replace broken or cracked woodwork and moldings.


While it’s usually best to repaint the entire home before putting it up for sale, if you do not have enough time or money to do so, repainting the trim can have a profound impact on a home’s curb appeal. Repainting the interior trim is just as important and can help make homes look neat and new.