Our homes play an important role in the storybook of our lives, so shouldn’t they be treated like a main character? Our newly designed site does just that. Connecting buyers, sellers and agents like never before, the new Coldwell Banker® Digital Platform makes the home buying and selling process human again.

Pass the Torch

When the torch is passed from buyer to seller, the story of the home continues on. The tulip bulbs buried along the driveway will bloom again next year. The height chart notched in the back of a closet may grow with the next family. And the magnificent backyard view will be enjoyed over many more cups of morning coffee. Because we know that every home has a story, we’ve given you a platform to tell yours.

Tell your Story

With a strong focus on incorporating sentimental value into the real estate experience, the new Coldwell Banker digital platform makes the story of home come alive. As a homeowner, you can now be directly involved in the marketing of your home, adding your own exclusive homeowner content like stories, photos and videos. The new platform represents a true shift in the real estate experience, giving buyers, sellers and agents easy access to collaboration tools on their desktops, tablets or mobile devices. Use this Homeowner How-To to see how easy it is to tell your story.

Find your Story

Home buyers play an important new role in the real estate story as well. Finding a home just became the social event of a lifetime. The new Coldwell Banker website allows you to invite your friends and family members into the home buying process. When touring a home, you can rate key features, upload your own photos and post comments to share with your personal network. And with all of this information centralized in one digital platform, you and your Coldwell Banker real estate agent will be connected every step of the way. Login or create your account today to begin your journey home.

So, whether you’re just starting your home buying search, or are ready to move to your next, Coldwell Banker makes the process a memorable. This is where home begins.